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Monday, 14 April 2008

The He-Man Women Haters Club

No Women Allowed!

Every year, usually within the first few weeks of May, Hubby and his posse get together for their annual fishing tip to their camp in the wilderness. This group of four men boys have been friends since their childhood/teen years, and keep in touch periodically throughout the year.

The trip preparations are underway, and although the trip isn’t for another 4 weeks, they all have been busy getting their ducks all in a row. These four men have one thing, and one thing only on their minds this time of year - the all mighty May Fly! They are in constant contact with one another by phone, email or drop-ins; they make lists, get supplies ready, figure out transportation details, and organize gear. Their plans are flawless, down the last teensy-weensy detail. Me, I quietly sit back and take note, all of this pruning and primping can (
and will) be used to my advantage later on. I will use little tidbits throughout the year when the need arises:
Hubby: I don’t understand why it takes a week to find earrings for that particular dress!
Me: For the same reason it takes weeks to find the “perfect” fishing vest/waders/line/flies!
Works every time, he immediately stop his bitching and moaning and helps me pick out earrings/belt/boots.

14 years ago the boys built a camp together (
oh if those walls could talk, what tales they’d tell!) a cozy home-away-from-home, a wilderness paradise. They call it Chateau M_________ (I was asked not to post the “full” name for fear of giving away the location of their Wilderness Wonderland); I call it The He-Man Women Haters Club, Hubby likes this name too. They are a great group of guys, sometimes they argue, but never stay mad at one another for very long because they have one love in common – The love of Fly Fishing!

I admire their spirit and camaraderie; they are a brotherhood, amigos, friends till the end. I’ll admit I am a tad envious of their friendship. If I said I wasn’t – I would be a liar.

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