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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Black Helicopters - BPA scare

I must say, I am a little freaked out with the whole BPA scare here in Canada. At first I figured it was overblown but after reading more about it and seeing numerous news reports on the TV this week, it's really starting to worry me.

I came up with a theory the other night while discussing the topic with the family - Our Government, drug companies and physicians are all in cahoots, sick people=$$. Or perhaps our government is trying to create a superior race, a race with big breasted women and men with giant testicals. (I realize there are some flaws to my theories, they are a work in progress)
My husband is laughing at me, asking me if I've been seeing black helicopters following me.
(this is all in jest people, please don't contact the men in the white coats just yet)

What is BPA?
Bisphenol-A is the starting material for polycarbonate plastic. The most common trade name for it is Lexan. It is showing up in plastics, cosmetics, bottled drinking water, food containers and a variety of other mediums.

Bisphenol A is considered one of the most hazardous chemicals presently in use. BPA has been shown to interfere with more than 200 genes. At some of the very lowest doses, studies found that BPA caused permanent alterations of breast and prostate cells that precede cancer, insulin resistance (linked to diabetes), and chromosomal damage linked to recurrent miscarriage and a wide range of birth defects including Downs Syndrome.

Environmental Defense Canada has called on the government to ban Bisphenol A immediately. Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director of Environmental Defense argues, “The case for a federal ban on this chemical has never been stronger.” Smith notes that the chemical management process will take years to come to a conclusion about BPA, during which time Canadians will continue to be exposed to it.

Things like this scare the living shit out of me!
Today you will find me sifting though all our plastic containers and ridding my cupboards of products that may be questionable - I'm going back to the basics people. I might even consider moving to the country, growing my own organic produce and raise my own chickens.
(Hubby, don't have a kitten - I'm not quite to that point... yet!)

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