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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Long weekend update:

4 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes, 33 seconds, smoke free.

My goodness! What a tough weekend it was for both Hubby and myself. It's not easy being supportive of one another if you’re both cranky and in a state of constant nastiness when you’re craving a cig.

Monday was the only sunny day but it was too damn cold for any outdoor activities. I did get a pleasant surprise on Monday when Baby Sis showed up with some tasty guests – Pass the garlic butter please!

Last night we went for a little drive and got some photos of the pretty sunset and moon over the ocean.

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Billy Rhythm said...

Ah, you Canadians! Here in Maine, we could never keep a bug that big. Over the gunwale she'd go! (Or maybe it's a he...)

Keep up the good work staying away from the smokes!

April said...

WOW - Gorgeous pictures!! It sounds as though you are both doing great on the "ciggie ditch" Keep up the awesome work!! It will be so well worth it in the end!