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Friday, 13 June 2008

28 days and counting

I’ve been having a blogging mental block for the past week and a bit. There have been so many things happening but whenever I sit down to blog - I am unable to write.

Today is 28 days smoke free, and I wish I could say I felt wonderfully fantastic, but I can’t. I must admit, the first two weeks were a breeze, I was positive quitting was going to be a cake walk. On week 3 I started to get irritable, the insomnia started and I was having some anxiety. Week 4, I have been a total mess. I'm feeling just so bummed out - depressed, one might even say. I am having awful anxiety attacks for no apparent reason, and still can't sleep. Aren’t you supposed to gradually feel better after you stop smoking, not gradually worse??? Hubby thinks it's time I go see my doctor and I think he may be right.
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Kwizgiver said...

Ah, keep at the non-smoking. You can do it and eventually it does become better.

Thanks for visiting my blog.