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Monday, 30 June 2008

The ants in my pants made me dance

Yes, the ant was literally in my pants biting my thigh. I was sitting here at the computer when I felt these painful little pinches on my leg. I frantically jumped out of the chair, rolling over my toe and crushing it. Now my toe is bloody and purple and my thigh smarts from the ant bites.

These little pests have invaded my home. They find any little nook and cranny to get inside. Right now they have made a trail from my kitchen window to my counter tops looking for food. I keep spraying them with Raid home and garden, but it only helps keep them away for a few hours. I hate using strong bug spray, but that works better than those silly little ant traps that do absolutely nothing.

I think I will just do what I did last year and put out little bowls with honey or syrup out in the garden -- which did keep them from coming into my house to look for food. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!


Shadow said...

we've got more ants in winter inside the house due to the underfloor heating than in summer. we are being invaded at the moment. i guess our house is their winter vacation spot of choice...

Jack said...

I can sympathize... It's bad enough dealing with them all summer. I'd loose my mind if I had them around all year.