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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Pixie Red & Pixie Pink

I am deliriously excited to see the bright blooms of the Pixie Red and Pixie Pink in my garden, and anxiously waiting for my other lilies to open up. I really do need to get a life!

Facts: Lilies have been cultivated for over 3000 years. Feng Shui believers hold the lily as an symbol of summer and abundance; to the Chinese, lily means "Forever in love". The lily was the holy flower of the ancient Assyrians. Until the 16th century the Madonna lily was the only garden variety known, because of this the "lilies of the field" as mentioned in the bible are thought to be this specific lily.

Mythology: In Greek poetry, the lily stood for tenderness. There is a Greek myth that tells us how the lily was born from the milk of the goddess Hera. The lily still symbolizes pure, virginal love to Christians.

Medicinal: In the past, various flowers were used to prepare remedies in popular medicine. In China some served as lucky charms, while others were thought to be capable of averting the evil eye. In another historical account we read that people were interested in lilies for their anti-toxic powers and their capacity of curing depressions. In Europe, lilies were used as a remedy against a wide range of diseases and ailments right up to the beginning of the last century.

(Note: There may be lots of flower posts over the next week or two.
Please bear with me as my Liliums and Peonies are in bloom or about to bloom)
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