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Thursday, 14 August 2008

...what a tale my thoughts could tell

I think I think too often.
I think that pisses my husband off!
I think I take too much for granted.
I think my children are beautiful.
I think about the future a lot.
I think life is too short.
I think this post is complete crap.
I think you should stop reading this.
I think you should move on to something more interesting.
I think people need to smile more.
I think people need to stop bitching over petty little things.
I think my daughter should wait six month before moving out.
I think I have a hard time letting go.
I think it is time for a hair cut... and a colour.
I think I should exercise more.
I think, I think, I think too often.


Shadow said...

i also think people should smile more and stop bitching.

LarryG said...

maybe if guys would put the seats back down on the potty ;) lol