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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Apologies and Regrets are Owed

This morning I opened my blog to find my previous post was bombarded with comment spam. I was totally disgusted and embarrassed, and I offer my sincerest apologies to all my readers, especially to those of you who were personally targeted by this rude individual. Please be assured, all the comments have been deleted and I will be monitoring all comments in the future. I now realize (little to late), I should have selected the moderation option when I first set up this blog -- I take sole responsibility for the incident that occurred this morning.
*Note: If you come to my blog solely to abuse my readers or me, if you come here to post comments that stray from addressing the published topic, and anyone using anonymous handles or invalid email IDs, if you think your right to free speech is inalienable when you behave like an ASS, you should know, your comment will not be posted.
Providing a quality environment for the readers who visit my blog is important to me, I hope that this one "bad apple" didn't spoil the whole bunch!

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LarryG said...

no masochism here??? darn... lol

Shadow said...

sad when that happens... needless to say that why i have moderation on. it's just so unnecessary.

Kori said...

I followed you here from Carzy Patrick's blog; just to say well said, and that he is after me to and for some reason I am finding it hilarious; I AM in recovery, through AA and God will have 9 years of sobriety if, by taking it one day at a time and not drinking between meetings, I don't relapse between now and November. I just put your blog in my reader, too, because I am loving everyone who doesn't fall for his shit. :)