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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Weekend Update

Had a fantastic weekend on Prince Edward Island --hubby and I went over for his cousins wedding. We left home on Friday morning and arrived in PEI around 6:30 pm. Met up with other family members for a yummy dinner at an Italian restaurant, then back to the hotel for some well needed sleep.

Saturday, the weather was perfect, and so was the wedding. It was great to get to visit with family and friends we only get to see once maybe twice a year. Good times!

Sunday we were up bright and early for the long drive back home. PEI has a bridge that links the island to the mainland (12.9 kilometers, 8 miles). When the winds are high and road conditions are wet or slippery, they close down the "link" and stop the ferry service to and from the Island. We had been watching weather warnings both Friday and Saturday, and didn't want to risk being stuck over there for another day so we decided to get an early start. Luckily, the weather held off and we made it home without any problems.

Additional photos are here.

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Shadow said...

lovely pics. that one of the bridge looks a bit foreboding... glad you have a good time!

LarryG said...

great wedding shots.
and the bay!
I love the bridge - connections sometimes call on us to take risks...
lots of symbolism in these pics - or do i just have a wild imagination :)

only a movie said...

Gorgeous photos. Has that bridge been there for long? I visited Antigonish in 1992 or so, and I don't remember a bridge. I think I want to make a (very long) road trip up that way sometime in the next few years.

Jack said...

Only a movie,

They started the construction of the bridge in 1994 and it opened in 1997.

I agree, it is a long road trip but if you come via the CAT, the driving time isn't too bad.