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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #88

This week I'm going to use rather obscure song lyrics; you can fill them in with the correct words if you know 'em...but wouldn't it be more fun to do it a bit differently? we go!

1. If I was to walk into your life, would you welcome me with arms wide open?

2. Catch a bright star and place it a jelly jar
Let it glow, let it light up your life
Let it be your beacon for the night.

3. And you can send me an angel to fight my demons.

4. I can't change what I've done, have many regrets, and but I'm dealing with a memory that never forgets.

5. I'm the innocent bystander / Somehow I got stuck between the rock and the hard place.
(And I'm down on my luck -- Yes, I'm down on my luck -- Well, I'm down on my luck)

6. What's keeping us apart isn't selfishness,
What's holding us together isn't love

Listen to the man who's been
touched all his life
Yes he's the one they call the fool

Where is that savior of the sidewalk life
and the road that takes us to the crusades
I've seen those shadows
as they're moving in my sleep
leading the blind poet to his grave

We still got a long way to go .
(I'm a huge Alice Cooper fan)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting to my destination at a decent time, tomorrow my plans include a family wedding out of province and Sunday, I want to get an early start home!

*phew* That was a hard one --Happy weekend all!


only a movie said...

I like your answers! It was a hard one, wasn't it?

Shadow said...

wow, you know your lyrics! those are great 'prompts'though. all of them. and have safe trip and enjoy the wedding!

Billy Rhythm said...

Great stuff. I can't tell if it's your stuff or the actual lyrics! (I only recognized one song, so I don't know the real lyrics to begin with!)

LarryG said...

ah! welcome home pilgrim!

i like your falling star...

one angel coming right up!

yes - we don't get too many mulligans in real life (are you a golfer?)

innocent are you now? lol

no 6 - you go girl!

enjoy your travel - work a lil bit of honeymoon into your wedding visit!!!

Janet said...

Wow, color me impressed that you knew the Alice Cooper one! He's amazing :-) And I loved how you sang the rest of the Warren Zevon one :-) Thanks for playing and if you're interested, the lyrics & bands are up on my site.