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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wordless #7

Last beach weekend for the season -- Labour Day Weekend

Goodbye to...
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Jenn said...

Ohh... I miss summer! And the flip flops shot is so beautiful! Why didn't I think of doing that?

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LarryG said...

I love your photos Jack ! they are so very cool! Love them!

The last one reminds me of a riddle...
What does a guy with two left feet wear to the beach?


Flip - Flips !!! lol

Shadow said...

aaaah, wonderful summer memories for you and a prelude of things to come for me. p.s. love those colourful flip flops!!!!! they make a stunning picture.

Princess said...

Beautiful memories of summer '08 caught for posterity. Sad to think about it but that's how we move on - with the season. Hoping for a great Fall, Winter and Spring ahead.

only a movie said...

Love the photos. :-)