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Monday, 12 January 2009

Filling in the gaps...

of a boring weekend

This weekend was a total bust, well... except for Friday evening. Hubby and I went out for some Greek cuisine at Opa! Greek Taverna.
We had the Kopanisti to start, I had the Salmon Lemonato, hubby had Scallop Souvlaki and had a delicious white wine called Boutari.
Did you know they don't serve Greek wine in a wine glass? Yup, just a regular juice sized glass... I must say, I was a little put off not having my wine in the type of glass I'm accustomed to.

On Saturday hubby had a first aid refresher course he had to take for work so I stayed home and cleaned all day. Saturday evening was spent grocery shopping and picking up some odds and ends at Wal-mart.

Sunday the snow started falling early in the morning and continued to fall for most of the day. The roads were pretty slippery so we decided to just stay put and ordered in for dinner. I did get to do some experimental work on my little blog here... note the menu and the 'Project' page.

Sunday surfing turned up some inspiration links:
  • Misprinted Type - I'm so in love with the collage looking header and they offer some great Photoshop brushes for download.
  • Kareem Rizk - An outstanding photographer and collage artist.
  • 1000 Journals Project - An experiment that follows 1000 journals throughout their travels.
  • Inspiration Resource - Pretty much self explanatory.
  • Free Design - A freebie resource blog where you can find tons of inspiration.
  • Nubbytwiglet - A whimsical graphic design artist. Check our her Q&A sections.


only a movie said...

like the new look, Jack. very well organized. :-) Can't wait to see the photoshop tricks!

LarryG said...

the menu is very cool!
discovery can be delicious, like a juice glass of Greek wine :)

Shadow said...

isn't that part of a weekends attraction. you can change what you wish without consequences...

Billy Rhythm said...

Yeah, what is it about wine not in a goblet. I don't like it either. It just feels unnatural to me.

Amber said...

I like the menu idea, that's really convenient. I can't believe how many blogs i read that are so new! It kinda shocks me that I've been around online for so long, I must be a computer addict. LOL
mmm...Opa, I haven't had them in years!

thistle said...

going to be watching the BIP very closely both to see how how you change things up, and for ideas for myself ;)