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Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday Melting

Winter has been put on hold for today
The fog has rolled in and is making
quick work melting last nights snowfall
I just love a winter thaw
when all the branches get an icy glaze

6 °C, Periods of rain and fog patches (Halifax live feed)


LarryG said...

thaw - what a lovely word, it's fertile and rich with meaning!

Jack said...

I agree, it is a beautiful word Larry... too bad it won't last more then a day or two.

Madeleine said...

Beautiful photo, Jack. We where supposed to have some snow yesterday, all it did was rain, a cold rain at that. Still hopping for snow :D

Yes I like the word "thaw" to

only a movie said...

Jack - love that photo - and all the new accents to your blog. Really cool stuff.

Jack said...

Thanks Erin and Madeleine, I appreciate that!

thistle said...

beautiful picture...strangely foggy here too, altho more closer into the afternoon, it almost looks like summer here in the valley. Gives me strength to go on LOL

Jack said...

It actually seems balmy enough to go outside in wearing just a heavy sweater and scarf... well, not JUST a sweater, you may want to put on a pair of pants and a shirt with the sweater ;)

Gives me strength too Thistle!

Shadow said...

your world looks soooo beautiful to me. awakens a longing i didn't know i had.

Madeleine said...

We have a winter storm advisory and snow storm...the sun is shining so far??? I would have loved to see snow, still hoping. They even closed the schools (because of the advisory not the Inauguration)
If this snow ever arrives I will take photos.
Any idea what the best photo paper is to use on a copy machine. I'd like to copy some of my better photos but not end up with to much gloss or any. Thank-you Jack