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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Friday Fill Ins #112

To play along, click the link below

1-3 are courtesy of Mar this week

1. Give me love and I'll give it back.

2. Whenever I call you friend, I believe I've come to understand, Everywhere we are, You and I were meant to be, Forever and ever. ~Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks

3. I wish, how I wish you were here
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year

Running over the same old ground

What have you found
The same old fears

Wish you were here
~ Pink Floyd

4. Chocolate truffles was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious.

5. To live in this world... Ativan helps.

6. Other than this one, Only a Movie is the last blog I commented on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to visiting my sick niece in the hospital, tomorrow my plans include the usual; shopping, errands and Sunday, I want to spend the day with the family!

{Have a great weekend!}


Shadow said...

very apt lyrics those dear jack. and yeah, ativan. without them, there'd be a lot more murders and strangulations around, heee heeee heeee

Lee said...

I so had the Loggins/Nicks song running through my head for this exercise! But, do love the Pink Floyd. Well done :) Have a great weekend.

only a movie said...

Ooooh, those songs!! #3 is in my top ten songs ever.

I hope your sweet niece is better soon, Jack!!

I'm with you on the ativan. Had some last night. Oy.

Janet said...

My boyfriend in high school was a huge Pink Floyd fan, and reading those lyrics, I can see why.

I took a valium the other sure helped!!!

Amber said...

Hahaha, Ativan. Boy if I had a nickel fro every time I was prescribed that...
Looks like I wasn't the only one with songs on the brain. Funny how they can just pop in when you're trying to do a fill in :o)

thistle said...

Ahh...Ativan. My favourite!!! LOL