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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Illuminated Photography {a tutorial}

(Inspired by Mommy Wizdom - Glow Stick Fun. )

This is a fun photo shoot you can do using glow sticks.

You'll need
  • digital camera (*point and shoot will do just fine)
  • package of glow stick/bracelets/necklace
  • tripod (optional)
  • dark room
  • some helpers (optional)
* preferably a camera that has a night setting.

  1. First prepare the glow sticks by cracking them.

  2. Next set up your camera for taking photographs in the dark, you will want to turn your flash off for these shots. Find the night mode or a similar setting; we want a high ISO to increase the light sensitivity, and give you a slow shutter speed. Next, setup your tripod or place your camera on a stable surface, hit the lights, use the timer if you don't have any helpers.

  3. Go to it! Attach the glow sticks to the kids arms and legs and have them dance around the room, make some crazy designs, or write your name, or you could try attaching them to a ceiling fan. Just have fun with it!
If you try doing some of your own glow stick photography, or have already tried it -- post a link in my comments so we can all check out your masterpiece.


only a movie said...

Looks like fun. My boy just bought a camera - he might want to try this out. :-)

Jack said...

He is going to need is own Flickr account :)

Terri said...

Ooooo wonderful fun! I love the heart shape. I'll have to give this a try!

Shadow said...

fantastic photos!

Madeleine said...

Absolutely cool!!!

Jack said...

It was fun! I can't wait to try it again in the summer with my little nieces and nephews.