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Monday, 9 February 2009

13 questions [weekend update]

I was feeling a little under the weather this weekend so mostly I puttered around the house channeling my inner Eeyore.

"When someone says, How-do-you-do? Just say you didn't." -Eeyore

13 questions I asked myself this weekend:
  1. Am I over reacting?
  2. Should I do this Facebook 25 things?
  3. What's for dinner?
  4. What's with all these crazy dreams?
  5. Who needs this aggravation anyway?
  6. Do I really need this chocolate bar?
  7. What do I really want?
  8. Montreal or New York?
  9. Why has my ass become so large?
  10. Laundry? What laundry?
  11. Why can't I get motivated?
  12. What the f@#% !?
  13. Does this make me a hypocrite?


thistle said...

Now that looks like it was an enlightening little quiz for yourself...any epiphanies as a result?

I love how this linked to a all your old posts...i need to come back and read the rest of your archives. Don't be alarmed if you appear to have a stalker, it's just me :)

Shadow said...

sorry, but that was funny, heee heee heeee. i hope those voices have become more silent now this monday....

Amber said...

Heehee, inner Eeyore.
I did the Facebook 25 Random Things...or maybe it was the 16 things. Hmm.
Hope you find the inner Tigger.

only a movie said...

I think my inner Eeyore is hanging out too. Freaking winter. I was just looking up a daylight lamp - Verilux has one called Happy Light.

Oh, and it is definitely crazy dream season. The one I had last night that woke me up at 3:00 - shudder...

LarryG said...

that's a hilarious, and wonderful
especially liked
1, 4,9 and 13

Jack said...

Thistle: Epiphanies??? well, now
I have an idea for list #2: My Mental Health Issues ;)

Shadow: They seem to have settled, for now anyway.

Amber: Inner T-I-Double-G-"ER"!
I don't normally do quizzes or participate in tags on facebook but I did enjoy doing this one.

Erin: A day lamp? hmmm, I think I will check that out too. My sister-inlaw suggested taking vitamin D supplements to help with the winter blahs.

Larry: thanks, I liked those too. It was fun looking back, reading old posts. #13 ended up being a great discussion for me and hubby later that evening.