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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Simple pleasures sprinkled throughout my weekend

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of simple pleasures I experienced over the weekend. These are little things that don’t really cost a thing or much, but they are things I found truly satisfying this weekend.
  1. Kicking off the weekend headache free.
  2. Writing in my journal or in this case, starting a new journal I just received in the mail.
  3. An extra 5 minutes in the shower with the hot water running over my back.
  4. Grabbing my camera and heading out for a few shots.
  5. A hot cup of Earl Grey tea.
  6. Curling up on the sofa with hubby, watching a movie.
  7. Sleeping in late on Sunday morning.
  8. Sunday shopping at the market with my oldest daughter.
  9. Watching my youngest daughters cat, JiJi. He thinks he is human.
  10. A delicious Sunday dinner with the family.
Some of my favourite photos from this weekend
(1) Halifax Finest (2) Japanese Cherry
(3) Freak Lunchbox (4) Apple Blossoms
(5) Japanese Cherry blossoms(6) Market finds
(7) Wreck This Journal (8) JiJi the Cat
(9) Aether the Chameleon

What were your your top 5 or 10 simple pleasure from this weekend?


only a movie said...

Sadly I did not get my camera out yet this weekend.
Have a damn cold.

I am thrilled that you are headache-free and those shots are amazing.


kaye said...

1. watching my grandson, little bear, giggle with delight as he rode on "Thomas the Tank"
2. Watching yummy's face as she, a lover of animals, made friends with a 7 week old camel, fed it and brushed its hair. (it was so soft)
3. Tucking, honey, yummy and sweetings into bed and telling them they could have a sleepover if they were asleep before mom came. Of course I knew they would never do it!
4. Watching daughter #4 sigh with relief when her first year of teaching ended--on a good note.
5. Having an evening home--alone, with just my husband. How rare is that?

fun post

Madeleine said...

Hi jack, yes it is nice to just count the little pleasures in life....actually a must :D

Liz said...

1 - sleeping as much as I want, including two naps on Saturday!

2 - buying plants - got the back porch planted yesterday, doing the front porch today.

3 - Three-day weekend! (It's Memorial Day here in the States.)

Your weekend sounds nice too!

Shadow said...

you sure know how to enjoy the pleasures life offers... me? a freshly bathed, sweet smelling mr. bigglesworth, celebrating a temper-loss-free day on friday (really!), tulips opening in my vase, sleeping late on sunday, autumn weather...

LarryG said...

numbers 3 through 7 make me most envious! :) haaha!

Amber said...

I like the shot of JiJi :o)