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Monday, 15 June 2009

Dreams & Wishes for Sale! Step right up!

Are you waiting for that lucky star so you can make a wish? Or that special dream to come true? Now you don't have to wait!

The Tree of Dreams

My shelves are stocked with Happy Dreams and Wishes. I have Dreams of every shape and colour. Wishes come in a variety of sizes - from the very tiny weenie to the grand and glorious.

There is something for everyone!


Amber said...

I would like a happy dream where I get to have a well mannered little girl please!

WackyMummy said...

Thanks, Jack, for your kind words about my post (Two Things). It was actually a low day for me, and your comment cheered me up for some reason. I just really enjoy sharing my stories and have them appreciated... helps with the feeling of community I've been creating.

My wish for me: that I can finally get off this island I was accidentally stranded on when I was supposed to go on a 3 hour tour. I tap my heels together 3 times and say, "there's no place..." Oops. Wrong fantasy.

My wish for you, Jack: that inspiration will find you every day, and you will have each moment for you to bring you the best thing for the moment.

Happy Monday. =)

Shadow said...

putting some shelves up TODAY, heee heee heeee

Jack said...

Amber - Could this possibly mean you are considering adding to your family?

WackyMummy - That's so sweet, thanks for the wish!

We all have moments were we are feeling a little overwhelmed. I'm glad you have found an outlet in blogging. :)

Shadow - I find they are best kept fresh. I recommend refrigeration after opening. hehe!