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Monday, 15 June 2009

Scenes from the Weekend

My weekend was pretty quiet. It rained cats and dogs Friday night. Saturday the sun came out just in time for my nieces ballet recital, afterward we all went out for a bite to eat at Your Fathers Moustache. Sunday I stayed home and relaxed with the cat watching movies and munching on junk food.

What was your weekend like?


Amber said...

I spent a majority of my weekend sewing. It's so very therapeutic to finish off those projects I started months ago, do all of the mending, and move onto new projects that make me feel great about my figure.

Shadow said...

it was cold and rainy friday too, very similar on saturday. bit of shopping, lots of reading, and sunday was glorious outside in the sun, a little bbq and the end of the le mans... and tomorrow's a holiday, yipheeeeeee

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Saturday i had a girl's day with my daughter. We went shopping and out for frozen yogurt. Yesterday I stayed home and putzed...

Jack said...

Amber - I'll have to pop over and see if you have posted any of your creative sewing projects on your blog.

Shadow - le mans? I looked it up but all I came up with was A race, is that what your talking about?
Hope you have a great Holiday!

PHST - Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I love spending time with my girls too.

only a movie said...

Jack, I love that photo montage. You look great - hair shorter?

We had a nice weekend. Saturday walk in the woods, picnic on the water, dinner and movie (take in, dvd). Yesterday it rained all day and I watched a girlie movie. Wicked fun. Sometimes I love the rain.


Jack said...

Yes, thank you Movie, hair is shorter - and now that I've tried short, I'm going to let it grow out.

Your weekend sounds pretty darn awesome. Sounds very satisfying :)

Gal Friday said...

We had a mix of rain and sun, too.
That kitty up top looks like the perfect couch potato/movie watching companion. :-)
For us: a cook-out on Saturday near the beach(the sun came out for that) and my daughter ran in a 5k race on Sunday morning(the rain was just stopping when it began and then the sun came out for the finish!). And...I super-cleaned my bedroom, which included cleaning off the dresser top and organizing my jewelery.
The weekend definitely went by too quickly for me..

Jack said...

Gal Friday - the kitten loves curling up on the sofa beside me.

I need to clean my bedroom too, and get rid of all the junk and clutter.