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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Kokology - Wave After Wave

(Book 2) Perhaps it’s because we instinctively trace the roots of life back to the oceans, perhaps it’s something hardwired deep within our brains; whatever the reason may be, the sea holds a special power over us. The tang of the salt air, the fine spray of the surf, the soft crashing of the waves-the net effect is to stimulate and soothe. Sometimes a stroll along a sandy beach can transport you much further from your everyday reality than the actual distance you walk. That may be why the sea holds a special place in lovers’ hearts. It provides them with the chance to journey together, if only for a brief time, into another world.

Grab a pencil and paper and jot down the answers to the following:

1.) You are walking along a quiet beach. As you wander the dunes, you spot a surfboard washed up on the sand. Describe the surf-board and the impression it makes on you.

2.) You climb onto the board and paddle out to try your luck on the waves. How are the conditions for surfing today?

3.) You have managed to get to your feet and are experiencing the thrill of actually riding the wave, when suddenly you wipe out and tumble headfirst into the water. What do you think, feel, or try to scream as you struggle to find your way back to the surface.

4.) You finally emerge from the water unscathed, and looking back toward the beach, you see that a person you know has been watching you. Who is that person?

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. If you choose to share your answers, you may leave a comment or you can keep your answer to yourself, it is up to you. Ready to play?

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My Answers:
1. I notice the board laying at the water's edge. I look around and wonder where it came from and where is the surfer this board belongs to?
Gentle waves
roll over the metallic blue board, the sun shines directly onto the surface giving the board a glittery-magical gleam. I feel a little apprehensive sliding the surfboard out of the water. But as I'm walking along the water's edge, board tucked under my arm, I start to feel empowered and confident and a little excited to give it a try.

2. The water is calm on this day,
small waves, nothing too menacing. I paddle out feeling the gentle lap of the water against my body, the sunshine is warm on my face and arms. I feel good, peaceful.
Then I see it, the perfect wave for me. I paddle out and ready myself, then I'm up. I feel great as the wave carries me along, skimming the waters surface.

3. Suddenly I'm wiping out. I feel panic, my arms flailing through the air as I struggle for control, and then I hit the water hard and go under. The wind knocked from me, I keep calm and kick with all my might, breaking the surface I gasp for air. I look around for the board, spot it not too far from me, swim to it and get back on. I say to myself: "What a rush, lets go again!"

4. As I start to paddle for another try, I see a person watching me from the shore. I paddle closer to get a better look but see it is someone I don't recognize. Perhaps it is the owner of the abandoned surfboard? Or just some lurker admiring my poise and technique ;)
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Jack said...

It's late so I will comment in the AM.

Shadow said...

the surfboard i found was red and cracked, old and faded, yet still usable... no comment to what that may mean...

the surfing conditions were smooth and warm, can work with that.

when i fell i just yelled

and the person on the beach was hubby...

Liz said...

Uh oh, this is the first one of these where I've read through without doing it and the thought in my head was "eh, this one isn't very interesting." I think I need help!

only a movie said...

My answers were very close to Shadow's, except that the discarded surfboard was yellow, and covered in sand, as if it had just been through a rough ride.

Other half on the beach watching, of course.

Wicked fun, as usual, Jack.

LarryG said...

1.) Sunbleached and worn, the colors though faded red and blue on egg shell speak of happy times, much used and love of life.

2.) it's a perfect day to hang ten - lol

3.)I explode into the air with laughter waving to the eager friends watching from the shore.

4.) The one who dared me to take the ride, I guess that's you Jack :)

Jack said...

I like the idea of finding a worn, unbleached surfboard. So far, I'm the only one who found a shiny new board.

I just had a thought. Some of these Kokology scenarios would be great writing prompts... hmmmmm

Jack said...

Sun bleached not "unbleached.

kaye said...

1.) I wonder what happened to the rider, and why it is left on the beach.
2.) I’ve never been surfing and only to the ocean once. I’m not sure I would dare try. But for the sake of adventure let’s say I’m 35 years younger, thin and athletic. I’d have to find an instructor, hopefully he’s cute and then I’d have a go. I hope the waves are small and not too wild.
3.) I’m not afraid of water, I’d be OK. I’d just look for the surface and head there.
4.) My dad, and he’s laughing at me. I wave and laugh back.

Amber said...

The board I noticed was bright orange with a picture of a sunset on it.
Makes sense, I'm drawn to bright & bold, and confidence in another person lights my fire.

The waters have a nice foot-high wave with smaller waves in between, always constantly moving and with plenty of undercurrents.
Yup, I'd say it accurately describes what I expect from my partner.

I go under, and as I swim back up I think "Wow, that was amazingly fun, what a rush!"
Yup, that's about accurate as well.

I see my Mr laughing his ass off at what a fool I looked like when I fell, cause I just don't ever fall with grace.