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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thursday Glance

I woke up this morning for the 8th, no 9th morning in a row feeling grumpy, cranky and blue.
So I said to myself...
I said..."Jack. Enough is enough, time to shake the funk".

Then forced a smile and it made me feel better.
Funny how doing something as simple as smiling or laughing, can start to brighten a blue mood.

The sun came out this afternoon.

I grabbed my little Fuji and headed outside.

The wild Iris are in bloom

and so are the black berry bushes.

Look at this strange beetle I found in the garden.

I wonder if this is what has been dinning on my Hosta?

How is your day shaping up?


only a movie said...

The sun is out here as well, and I have yet to be out walking...
Glad you are perking up!

Terri said...

Oh, I went through this yesterday, feeling pretty glum about some news I got. Then I spent an hour with a one-year-old, blowing bubbles, watching her play on the slide, seeing her discover new noises. The best attitude adjustment there is.

Shadow said...

cold. but sunny. it's a good day.

Gal Friday said...

Wild Iris! How beaitiful! And...that bug is very strange, too.
We had a little sun yesterday, too--everyone was blinking at the unexpected brightness. Now, of course, it is back to more of the same-grey skies. Even though there are no bad things going on in my life at the moment(knock wood), it is still hard to remain in a good mood with this gloomy weather constantly.
I hope you can continue to try seeing the bright side of things, Jack..

kaye said...

good for you :)

LarryG said...

hugs to ya Jack!
love ya !!!
glad you are making the move!