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Friday, 22 January 2010

A Bitch + Friday Fill-Ins

Blood work day :( Yeah, I know, my life is not very exciting these days. I'm back to seeing my GP once a month and getting blood work once a month as well. Seems an old health issue may be back but I won't know what's going on 'till I see a specialist in June. Yup, June is the earliest they can get me in, so in the meantime I'm mildly panicking. They put me on a cancellation list but it's not too likely anyone will cancel their appointment after waiting six months/year to see this particular specialist... so, for now it's regular blood work, med adjustments and doctor visits once a month.

So, here i am, bitching about my my petty little problems while watching the news and seeing all the problems the people of Haiti are faced with, more than a week after the earthquake. People are suffering - dieing, children are having limbs amputated because the damage is far to extensive to fix, and some still are waiting to receive some sort of treatment for their injuries.

The news sometimes has way of shaking me out of my self-pity-party.  Puts life into perspective sometimes; I am very lucky...

Now on to the fill-ins we go!

1. You have a chance to grow and broaden your sense of who you are and who you can be.
2. Live life in the moment... right now!
3. There is a  light in your eye that keeps shinin',  Like a star that can't wait for night.
4. It's best to save then buy, rather then buy now and pay later.
5. It's time to shine.  A moment down through millennium, Unveiling the secrets of song to be sung, Waters of life flowing soft to the touch ,Wisdom remembered have we forgotten oh so much. Raise up your mind  ~Queen
6. I would like to go see "up in the air" but wont have time this weekend.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending the evening with my girls, tomorrow my plans include the usual errands then girls night get-together and Sunday, I want to go for brunch with hubby and maybe take a drive to the valley in the afternoon!


only a movie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm sorry about the health stuff, Jack.

The news is still so tough to take. And perspective is necessary. Ack.

WackyMummy said...

Hope things get better... for you AND the Haitians.
It certainly DOES put things in perspective. I've been thinking the same thing lately; my problems pale in comparison.

Take care.

Shadow said...

blood tests are never fun, i understand... have a happy weekend jack!

kaye said...

hope someone cancels--don't you hate waiting and worrying?

Emily said...

I hope you feel better soon Jack! I have been going through a similar problem myself. I get to see my specialist at the end of Febraury. I've been waiting for thirteen weeks myself. Ugh.


LarryG said...

hugs jack!

Gal Friday said...

I hope you'll hear good news at the doctor's come June.