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Sunday, 24 January 2010

January Blues

January makes me miserable.
Misery oozes out
making everyone around me miserable too
(misery loves company)

I want to travel to someplace,
anyplace warm,
but I'm far too cheap frugal
so a trip it out of the question.

It's impossible to buy good fruit in January.
Another thing about January:
I really DISLIKE football.


only a movie said...

Oh yes. Get out of my brain, dear Jack. I could have written this one. Particularly that last line.

Hang in there...

Shadow said...

i dislike january. even though its summer. in january i hanker for autumn. and it feels so far away...

kaye said...

winter makes me feel that way too. I do love your picture.

Gal Friday said...

Hee..hee...this is one poem I can totally relate to (right up to the hating Football part--just the background noise of it on TV somewhere in the house sets me on edge).
I year...we all plan a Jan. trip to somewhere warm and tropical(Costa Rica? Virgin Islands?).