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Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday Questions #3

  1. Do I procrastinate?
  2. Do I stand up for myself?
  3. Do I complain?
  4. Do I hold grudges?
  5. Do I have trouble making decisions?

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kaye said...

Do I procrastinate?--only for everything.
Do I stand up for myself?--sometimes, when it matters
Do I complain?--only all the time, but in private.
Do I hold grudges?--yes.
Do I have trouble making decisions?--not usually, only when the pressure is on.

Shadow said...

1. not really. it buggs me too much to have undone things and then my mind can't rest, so i may as well just do it....

2. not enough, i think.

3. not really. i prefer to look at either fixing it or forgetting it.

4. yip. madly. avidly. and then poooof, it's gone.

5. nope, impulsivity is my middle name.