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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, make your peace today.

The rising sun casts long golden rays
that shone through the billows of the morning clouds. 
I had to shield my eyes from the glare off the freshly fallen snow.

A sunrise like this one is rarity around these parts in mid January. 
January thaw perhaps? 
I put on a sweater, grab my camera
and head outside for some quick shots of the indigo sky
right before the sun rose above the horizon.

I wonder what the afternoon will hold?


WackyMummy said...

Beautiful photos!

I can tell you what tomorrow will hold: snow. Lots and lots of snow. ;)

only a movie said...

WOW. Those photos are stunning. xo

We have snow here too. A lot.

kaye said...

that was worth getting up early and going out in the cold for--and your thoughts were stunning as well.

Lee said...

Stunning! These cold sunrises we enjoy, albeit rarely, are incredible. GREAT captures!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Those photos take my breath away Jack.

Anonymous said...

Breath-taking pics. The bottom one just begs to be painted.

Shadow said...

a beautiful sunset???