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Friday, 26 March 2010

... in your wildest dreams


I believe dreams are little "calling cards" or subtle nudges by our subconscious. They tell us when it is time to evaluate ourselves and change our attitude towards life, our outlook on life or just on some aspects of our life. So if I'm having recurring dreams, I take note. Sometimes I don't understand the message, but I'm listening just the same.

Now on to the dreams...

Dream 1:

I'm lying by a small stream in a vast forest; the trees enormous conifers, and there is the quiet stillness all around. The sun is streaming light beams though the canopy. Occasionally the light is broken up by clouds pass overhead, then they move on and light splashes over the forest again making the bark and mossy growth glow with a beautiful green hue.

The spring is a clear, and there are fish swimming in a deep pool. My arm hangs over the pool as I trail my fingers over the water surface. The only sound is the sound of my heart beating, the echo of water trickle and the birds singing. I'm content, relaxed, and nearly asleep when I am startled by a blood curdling scream. All goes silent. All I hear is my rapid pulse pounding in my ears, then another scream. I start to pull my body to a sitting position when something grabs my arm and I'm pulled into the water.

I wake up.

Dream 2:

I'm in a quaint little cafe. I'm enjoying an espresso, reading a book, glancing up every now and again to watch the world go by. I notice my reflection in the cafe window. The light goes dim.

I am sitting at the edge a dock, my feet lightly skim the water surface; it's very foggy and the light is dim, probably late afternoon. There are lights reflected in the water, there is no one around. I feel that it's odd that there are no people around, especially at this time of day.  I feel calm and relaxed while my legs slowly swing off the dock into the salt water. I see the water ripple, then hear a "splash" then a scream. I lean over to see what it is and I'm pulled into the cold water.

I wake up.

Dream 3:

I'm floating on a raft near the shore of a tropical island; it's very sunny, the water is a clear, a brilliant blue-green. I can faintly hear calypso music. I'm relaxed, at peace. I think I hear someone yell "Jacqueline", then scream... "Jackie, wake up!". I'm startled and fall off the raft. I struggle to get back on the raft, but something is tugging at my leg. I hear screaming again... "Jacqueline, wake up!" and then I'm pulled under the water.

I wake up.

So what are the recurring elements of my three dreams?
Peace, alone, screaming, underwater

Dream interpretation according to Dream Moods

To feel peace in your dream, indicates an end or a resolution to an emotional issue or inner conflict. It may signal and end of a cycle and the pause before the beginning of a new endeavor.

To dream that you are alone, indicates feelings of rejection. You may be feeling that no one understand you.

To hear or dream that someone is screaming, indicates that some friend or family member is in need of your help.

To dream that you are underwater, suggests that you are feeling overcome with emotions and are in need of greater control in your life. You may be in over your head regarding some situation.

Do yo listen to your dreams?


kaye said...

interesting dreams and interpretations.

I think you should write a novel :)

only a movie said...

What a series of dreams! I hope that you have some clarity and feel better now that you have a sense of what they're about...
I had a being chased dream early this morning that is still nudging at me... oy.

WackyMummy said...

I agree with Kaye, you should write a novel... you'd make a great novelist!