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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Let it go + Let it flow

{Photo of LaHave River, taken with Brownie Hawkeye}

Every one has an outlet of some sort. Some people have many things that release the built up pressure of everyday troubles. "Let it go and let it flow", I always say.  Let it flow from every pore in your body.

There are times when the need for a good cry will do the trick, other times you just need to laugh and laugh and laugh some more.  I often find playing my favourite music and sing like nobody's listening, dancing like nobody's watching.  Or I like to dust off one of my old cameras, load it with film and shoot the whole roll in the span of an hour...  photography can be a great outlet for me.  Then of course there this place - my little spot in the cyberspace - a place I can always come to and write about my angst and woes and it always makes me feel better.

What are some ways you like to unwind/let go?


WackyMummy said...

Very pretty. I hope this helped get rid of the angst.

I can't give up my old 35 mm automatic film camera. It used to take decent pictures, and who knows... maybe I'll dust it off again for fun.

Tomorrow I'm taking pictures in Peggy's Cove. I hope that helps me with the angst too. ;)

Andrea on Third Street said...

Great post, Jack.

I agree, since I started blogging, I find that helps a lot with the fluctuation of the moods. I've always enjoyed writing, and the freedom presented with blogging is great.

only a movie said...

Turning up the music in my car as loud as it can go. Or a walk on a nice day w/ iPod as loud as it can go. Loud music, in general, I guess.

Also the blog is oh-so-helpful.

And laughing a lot. Which I haven't done much of lately. You know times are tough if you're thinking about scheduling some laughing time.

oh boy

Shadow said...

drive so fast i get scared... and the new drums.