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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Beauty at dusk

This evening I sat on the front steps and stared out into the dimming light letting my eyes adjust to the darkening sky. The coolness of a light breeze brushes over my skin, it feels a little like Fall and the hair on my bare arms rise as a shiver works its way up my back. I watch the bats swoop above my head and catch a glimpse of a couple of doves flying over the treetops.
The utter beauty of this evening enwraps me. I stand there quietly absorbing the beauty of the night that surrounds me, I somehow feel a big part of it, as if its been kind enough to let me in on some of its secrets, and I feel humbled as I stand there in the midsts of it all.
I walk back into my house and hubby smiles at me from the doorway, and I smile back.

Hope your enjoying your weekend,
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that lovely moment.


Jack said...

I just took the dog out for a pee and caught a glimpse of a shooting star. Far out!

Pseudo said...

Ah..... nice Jack.

kaye said...

very nice :)