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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Days of Wine & Vinyl

Courtesy of DaveP (aka - Hubby)

In 1982 I got a CD player. I set out on a quest to get my favourite albums on CD. After all I was an audiophile. I needed the best, the clearest, the sharpest sound.

I grew up in my basement. Not the whole time, but much of it. Born in the 60's, a child of the 70's, to maturity in the 80's. Music was my true friend. There in the good times, the bad times, the in between times. Some nights 10 or 12 friends sat in my basement with me. We were amazed by the power of Kiss Alive!, the operatic Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf, the creepiness of Welcome To My Nightmare by Alice Cooper. Led Zeppelin IV, April Wine's Stand Back, Pink Floyd's The Wall. There is an endless list of albums we called classic at one time or another.

Recently, we celebrated or 20th wedding anniversary. As we have grown up together, my wife and I have started to savor certain things. A good meal at a nice restaurant, a good bottle of wine, a drive down the shore for an evening sunset. Things I used to think were just elitist, I now realize are the prizes of age. Music is one of them. Jack and I make frequent visits to Taz records, to buy a couple more examples of an almost forgotten time.

Someday, when our kids are out making their own way. We will take our drive down the shore to a small summer home. We will pour our glass of wine, and take a seat in our Adirondack chairs. Our ears will fill with the waffles and snaps of vinyl, and then the mesmerizing guitars of Frampton Comes Alive! Those will be our Days Of Wine And Vinyl.

Baby I love your way,
DaveP (Hubby)


Jack said...

Awwww, that was awesome - Thanks babe!

Shadow said...

how perfectly romantic. you are a lucky girl you!!! and what a good selection of music you guys have too...

Billy Rhythm said...

This audiophile still uses vinyl! Not only that, I prefer it! I've got a Thorens 320 in my main listening room, and an NAD (basically a re-badged Rega) in the drum studio. Too bad with 4-yo twins I don't get much alone time with the old vinyl.

Oh, and I have three copies of Frampton Comes Alive: one on CD, and TWO on VINYL!

LarryG said...

that is special...!!!
ohhh baby!!! :)