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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Spring Things

Today is such a beautifully sunny and warm(ish) spring day. I can feel the change. I am so looking forward to a fresh start and have been thinking about some lifestyle changes as well. Last May hubby and myself stopped smoking - still smoke free! This spring we have decided to see a nutritionist and join a gym, and I may even hire a trainer.

Here are a few other things I want to accomplish this spring/summer season:
  1. Put in a small veggie garden.
  2. Photography classes.
  3. Find some vintage cameras.
  4. Take lots of photos with them.
  5. Weekend road trips.
  6. Lots of family BBQ's and cookouts.
  7. Camping.
  8. A trip to Newfoundland to see Gros Morne National Park .
  9. Try some Geocaching.
  10. Treasure hunting.
How about you? What is on your "to do" list for this season?


Liz said...

Hey congrats on being a non-smoker, that's a huge accomplishment! It's a little more spring-y here today too, I'm finally starting to feel optimistic that winter is over...first up on my to-do list is a big spring clean-up.

Amber said...

I've heard of geo caching...can't recall what it is right now, but I know my Mr has mentioned it numerous times :oD
hooray for going smoke free!

only a movie said...

We geo-cached a couple of summer ago. It was fun for a while... maybe I should start up again.

Not spring-y here. Cold and raw. Read most of the afternoon away.

I love your list. And congrats on no-smoking. Other half and I are working on 4 years quit.

I would love to see Newfoundland.

kaye said...

great list!

We did some geo-caching last summer. It was great fun, I'd like to do it again this summer. My to-do list this summer mostly involves plans to marry off my daughter and a little summer camping. We are also planning to visit the area of the state that my grandson had to do his state report on--so he can see the things he learned about.

Billy Rhythm said...

My boss, who's a huge photography nerd, just bought a Graflex. It was funny--the day it arrived, five computer geeks stood around and tried to figure out how to get the silly thing open! (There's a hidden button. The instructions tell you it on the top of the camera. It's actually on the top of the left hand side of the camera.)

Jack said...

Liz, I really need to do a spring clean up here too but I think I will wait just a couple more weeks.

Amber, Geo cashing is sort of like a treasure hunt using a GPS.

Movie, 4 years is an awesome accomplishment! I am still having cravings now and then, wonder if I will ever truly get over it?

Kaye, Sounds like you have a busy spring and summer a head of you. Congratulations to your daughter!

Billy, Funny how that works... and all it took was for someone to stop and read some simple instructions. I hope your boss is going to put some film into the Graflex and use it.