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Monday, 14 July 2008

Weekend Update

Well, not really a weekend update, just a Sunday update. We were going to hit the beach but decided it was a better day for a leisurely drive up the shore. Here are some photos I took while on our drive.
Sunday Shore Drive

Now I have to go pack for me anniversary get-away. Yay!
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Shadow said...

my, my, i do believe you live in a little piece of heaven there, BEAUTIFUL!

Janet said...

I lovelovelove that yellow house!!!

Jack said...

Funny you should say that Shadow, I was just saying to the hubby while driving up through the shore area...
We rarely appreciate the beauty that is just outside our back door.

Jack said...

That house is actually has been converted to a shop, most of the houses along that coastal area have been made into cute little artist shops. There are also a large number of Hollywood Celebrities that have houses in this little Nova Scotia community. It is typical of the type of houses you do see driving up the South Shore of my province. Cute little country cottages are everywhere.