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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Kokology - House Hunting

{Introduction to the game}
(Book 2 / pg. 169) You are house hunting in a new area that you are not familiar with because that's where your job took you.

You see a house, and on the outside it looks like your dream home. It is reasonably priced and the outside looks nice and the yard is pretty.

You enter the front door and it's the living room.

1.) How big is the room? Is it spacious? Is it small?
2.) What color are the walls?
3.) What is on the floor? Carpet? Wood?
4.) There is a mirror on the wall. What is it like? Big and ornate? Small and round? Modern and long? Antique with a crack?

You may leave a comment or you can keep your answer to yourself, it is up to you. Ready to play?

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Jack said...

My Answers:

1) The room is a good size, not too big nor too small.

2) The walls are all painted in neutral earth tones - browns & grays.

3) Flooring is wood.

4) There is a modern mirror on the wall.

How did you all do? Was your answers accurate or totally off?

kaye said...

1.) The room is cozy buy not too small, It's filled with natural light from a large bank of windows framing a fantastic view of the mountains.

2.) The Walls are the palest shade of blue, to help pull the color of the sky in

3.) A soft carpet

4.) It would be Modern and Long, but if I bought the house and moved in it would be removed and a water wall put in its place. I don't care for mirrors.

Gal Friday said...

What fun! Settling in here with my first morning cup of coffee to do this:
1. The room is spacious(we live in a small boxy ranch currently, so I dream of high ceilings and more space)with exposed beams and lots of windows and built-in white bookcases.

2. The walls are a warm, buttery shade of yellow

3. Hardwood floors with a big Kilim or other oriental rug on it

4.I saw a small round mirror, sort of artfully arranged in with some other framed art pieces...

Shadow said...

my room was huge and spacious, the walls are deep hunters green, the floor woodden, and the mirror old

only a movie said...

Medium size room

Light brown walls

Hard wood floors

Antique mirror

SO fun, Jack!!

Lee said...

Fun, as always, Jack :)

Large Spacious Room

Warm Brown Walls

Hard Wood Floors

Long modern mirror

Liz said...

Large room, white walls (but mostly because it would make it easier to paint them some other bright, bold color that I hadn't decided on yet!), hardwood floors (and the description in the key really does describe me), and I had trouble picturing any mirror at all. Another good one!