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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Kokology - Reading You Like A Book

(book 2./Pg.52) Some are very fussy about their books, refusing to read anything outside of a particular genre or subject matter. Others read indiscriminately, devouring volume after volume without pattern or preference. Many read only on occasion or when work or study demands it. And then there are those who simply don't read at all if they can avoid it.

But for those who do read, not just out of necessity, but for the sheer pleasure and relaxation it affords, finding a good book is almost like making a new friend. There's a sense of simultaneous familiarity and discovery. It's as if a window has opened into a previously unimagined world, but one you sensed was waiting for you all along. Sometimes it's almost as if the book has chosen you.

1. A book lies open in front of you. What type of story does it contain?

2. You begin to read and soon find that you yourself are a character in the story. What kind of role do you play?

3. You read further and come to a section where the pages have been damaged, making them nearly impossible to read. What part of the story is it?

4. You have just closed the cover after finishing the book. How was the ending?

Ready to play?
You may leave a comment with your answers or keep them to yourself , it's up to you.

(This weeks Kokology quiz is dedicated to Pseudonymous High School Teacher who is returning back to work -teaching- next week)

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Jack said...

My Answers:

1. It is a Mystery.
2. I'm the super sleuth -Nancy Drew type character.
3. The part that is damaged is the part where the author give the description of the main character(that's me).
4. The ending is not resolved - a cliff hanger of sorts.
I hate endings where all the problems are solved and suddenly everyone lives happily ever after - that's not realistic.

Whoa! This one really blew me away...especially #3.

How did you all do?

WackyMummy said...

Wow, Jack. #3 is powerful. And your #4 sounds very realistic. Life IS a cliff-hanger! ;)

1. mystery (with some minor factually-realistic science fiction thrown in--like creating zero point energy)
2. I'm the sidekick.
3. the damaged part is just as the climax happens
4. the ending is somewhat resolved, but it's not always happy... one of those endings where there is a sinister character left hiding somewhere, and there's that feeling of "da-da-duh!" ... that something's going to happen just when you think it's over... it's not!


only a movie said...

Mine was a comedy with a cliffhanger ending... pretty accurate!! :-)

Thanks, Jack. And if you ever DO drive south, you know we need to meet.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

1. Magical realism
2. A traveler in a foreign country.
3. The part where a secret is revealed.
4. Mysterious. A few loose ends still hanging about. Begging for a follow up book set in another foreign place.

Ah. that was fun. Thanks for thinking of me Jack. I'm so not ready to go back to work. Wish we had a traditional school year over here.

kaye said...

1. fantasy is my favorite and always attracts me first, Of course there is some obscure village person who plays a major part in an epic adventure. There are hero's galore who assist him, and the most vile of villians that try to destroy him. But good triumphs in the end and our hero might have some bumps and bruises, but he/she is a better person than when they set out.

2. A supporting role.

3. OH, I would die! Once I begin a book I just have to finish it no matter what.

4. Emotional, glad for the victory--yet sorrow is felt for the losses.

Amber said...

A historical fictional novel
I'm the all-encompassing main character woman
The part that's the most crucial
The ending was bitter-sweet
Interesting, and I true :o)
I was the main string holding my social group together, and when I dropped out they all scattered to the wind, and since I dropped out I never made it to graduation, though I got an invite to the 10 year reunion. Strange in that I didn't make it to the high school, only middle, and that it's really been that long since...