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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bonding Moments (craft night)

Saturday night bonding time with my two girls... lucky me!

This is what we made:

Instruction for DIY Coasters

Ps.  This was my oldest daughters idea.  She called on Friday night to ask if we could spend Saturday evening together making a craft.  love Love LOVE ♥


WackyMummy said...

That looks like something even I could do! Great idea. =)

only a movie said...


kaye said...

that's just too much fun, crafting with the girls. They look pretty easy.

Shadow said...

very cool!

Jack said...

My daughter is making some theme coasters to go with holiday gifts for friends. One of her friends love Audry Hepburn so she is doing some Breakfast At Tiffany's coasters and adding them to a martini themed basket... I love the idea.