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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Kokology - A Flash Of Red

Are you ready to play KOKOLOGY?

What is Kokology?
  • Say the first thing that pops into your head 
  • Don ’t try to predict answers 
  • Be honest with yourself 
  • Be prepared 
  • Keep an open mind

{Pg. 158, Book2} From red as a rose to red as a beet, when we see red it affects us emotionally. Scientific experiments have shown that people asked to remain in a room with red walls become more passionate, aggressive, and easily aroused than people in rooms with muted backgrounds. Research has even shown that exposure to red can make the body temperature rise. Red may be at the low end of the spectrum of light, but it has power to move us like no other color.

Imagine three women, each of whom is fond of the color red and uses it to accent her appearance. The first of these women has her nails painted red, the second wears red lipstick, and the third has her hair colored the same shade. Now imagine their personalities and describe each one.

You can leave a comment with your answers or keep them to yourself  - it's up to you.

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Jack said...

My Answers:

*The women with the red nail polish is daring, and has a hidden wild side.

*The gal who is wearing the red lipstick is a dreamer and sentimental, and easy going.

*The red head is bold, in control and overbearing, she likes to stand out in a crowd.

Very interesting...

Shadow said...

nails: outgoing, extrovert, over-friendly

lips: passionate, sexy

hair: shy, withdrawn

now this one worked well, thank you...

only a movie said...

My second two answers were close to yours, but my first answer was a super meticulous business type woman with perfectly manicured red nails.

Interesting analysis.
Thanks again Jack!

LarryG said...

"The first has her nails painted red" - tasteful, classy, concern for every detail, she looks her best wherever she goes, and has an agreement with her friends to "check up" on each other and mention any "problem" they might see with a quick trip to the powder room. This woman knows what she wants, what it takes to get there, and is confident of the results.

"the second wears red lipstick" - she is bold and a bit brassy, the word "baby" is her pet name for most folks and is constantly heard when she is around, she has a real lust for living to the fullest and expresses herself concerning such, not afraid to take a risk since every outcome cannot be anticipated at times she barrels into the unknown, she handles herself with confidence and even her tears bring sure affirmations for they are always honestly shed.

"the third has her hair colored the same shade" - the wild child, bracelets galore, piercings unmentionable, tattoos that tell a story, she tried three times to find a color to cover the jet black she had used previously, and this one got almost to the roots, she's usually in a tee shirt and if it suits her there's nothing underneath it and she's proud of her assets, her next big event is where the local punk band is playing and she can hardly wait, a few steps past the edge the ride is wild exhilirating and totally out of control!

kaye said...

woman number 1, my granddaughter sweetings loves to have red nails. She is brave, daring, resourceful, and full of action. She is never passive but always takes charge of a situation.

woman number 2, red lips--sexy

woman number 3, a red head--actually most of the red heads I know are pretty pleasant people, happy, content with life, and kind-hearted.

Liz said...

This was exactly right for my responses:

Red nails - high-maintenance, bitchy, prima-donna type.

Red lips - sexy, sensual, bordering on promiscous.

Red hair - loud, brassy, over-the top, doesn't notice when she makes other people cringe when she talks.

Jack said...

Larry, that is quite the character sketch of your three women... looking forward to the book ;)

Loved reading everyone's descriptions of the three women. Thanks for playing along!

Janet Jarrell said...

Red nails - daring and into fashion

Red lips - sensual - wants, needs, deserves a good kiss

Red hair - sassy, wild artistic

I love red shoes! I wonder what that says about me?