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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Kokology - The Labyrinth

Are you ready to play KOKOLOGY?

What is Kokology?
  • Say the first thing that pops into your head 
  • Don ’t try to predict answers 
  • Be honest with yourself 
  • Be prepared 
  • Keep an open mind

{Pg. 135, Book 1} Remember the Kokology quiz "The Ride Of Your Life"? Well lets return once again to the amusement park to continue our exploration into the attractions of the unconscious mind. You're already familiar with some of the rides, like the dizzing excitement of the roller coaster. The house of horrors still lies waiting, but that's best left for couples to explore. How about a walk through the labyrinth instead?

You found your way through the giant maze and are standing at the exit. Which of these statements best describes how you feel?

1. "That was too easy. I was done in no time. What a piece of cake!"

2. "Well, it took a while to get through, but looking back, I guess it was really no big deal."

3. "Boy, was I lost! For a while there I thought I was never going to get out."

4. "I hooked up with a group of people inside and they showed me the way out. Otherwise I might still be in there."

My Answer: #3 - "Boy, was I lost!..."

You can leave a comment with your answers or keep them to yourself  - it's up to you.

Note:  Reading this in Google Reader? 
Answer the questions before you continue to scroll to reveal the key to "The Labyrinth"

»Click to reveal key to The Labyrinth«

Take KOKOLOGY with you
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Gal Friday said...

My answer was number 4...and that is giving me something to think about this morning. I always like these Kokologies, Jack, when you post them.

Shadow said...

i chose #2

LarryG said...

I chose 2 -
seems things are a bit simpler for me lately.

Now to go check the "key"
Thanks Jack - love these things...

WackyMummy said...

I chose #2. Interesting subject, as always. =)

Amber said...

Yeah, I'm a #2. My second choice was #4. They all sort of sound like me though, LOL I guess it's just a matter of choosing one that suits the majority of those years.

kaye said...

mine would be #4. I'm not very good at puzzles. Just last night Mr. J wanted me to play a simple little leapfrog game on the computer. He had to show me the solution 5 times and I still couldn't do it by myself. LOL! I have a little something for you today.

Jack said...

#3 is oh so much me! Uncanny how much truth is in this weeks quiz... I still torture myself with second guesses and self-doubt.

Thanks for playing along everyone :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Number 3 was mne and it was pretty dead on.

LarryG said...

a little torture ... good... too much of a good thing... bad! lol