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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hello Thursday

The mild(ish) temperatures and lack of snow and ice on the ground have put me in a great mood. Actually, I have had quite a few surprises that have changed my mood. Tuesday I saw my first robin in the back yard, Monday baby Girl had a great meeting with a new therapist and left her office with a huge smile on her face --smiles from baby Girl have been few and far between in the past several months, things just seem to be clicking along nicely the past couple weeks.

So, today I was itching to create something Spring-like and happy to reflect my mood.  It's a new blank note card currently unnamed, I am open to suggestions if you have any.
Hope your all having a wonderful Thursday,
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only a movie said...

Smiles from your Girl are awesome. We're almost in the homestretch until Spring... xoxo

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say, we're having a decent stretch down here too. And my boy was smiling leaving an appt today too... Also, I keep leaving comments on my old account!

kaye said...

how about "blessings"