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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Things I have learned through Therapy

Some discussions must have limitations put on them. Other times it's just important to sit and listen, say nothing and offer support. Then there are those which we must discuss in length giving our opinions weather they are received or rejected (and do not to take rejection personally).

I am learning a lot of useful information that I wish I had learned long ago as a parent of three children.


(image by Charles M. Schulz)

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Anonymous said...

aaaaaaahhhh, good advice.

Jack said...

The trick for me learning to distinguish what should be what... if that makes any sense :/

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

It's easy to talk around and around something and have it go nowhere... when it just needs to be let go or put aside. Listening and support are always a girl's best friend. ;)

Jack said...

So true Koreen! I use to believe in beating a dead horse to death (sort of speak) to get my point across, but have learned that is not always the best course of action when dealing with certain subjects.

Therapy for the kid is sometimes good for the parents too!

glynis said...

all so true! I find it hard to step back sometimes and just listen.