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Monday, 12 September 2011


saturday afternoonLunch at a new café in my community
Pavia Gallery espresso bar & café

saturday evening
spotted a wedding in the park
saturday  night
watched the sun set the sky on fire
sunday morning 
headed out of town in search of treasures
sunday afternoon
we walked on the ocean floor

sunday evening

we stopped for gelato and headed for home

I would love to hear about your weekend 
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Nathalie said...

Your photos are so pretty!!!! Lovely way to summarize a weekend!

kaye said...

looks like your weekend is nice. We put carpet in the new family room. Now we are just waiting for some of the boys to get a minute to help us with the furniture.

Anonymous said...

Trust me honey, you don't want to know my weekend!
But I love your photos! xo

The Old Man said...

Awesome photos as always. Whoever took the one of you is very skilled as well.

Love ya!

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Jack, thanks so much for dropping by! You are so sweet, and are entered in the contest. Love your blog, so cool! Take care, Riki

Emily said...

Hello Jack! I blogged about my weekend over at Emily's Muse! Love your pictures!