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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Road Closed -- Detour Ahead

You're cruising along on the road of life, fairly confident of where you're headed. You know this road, every pothole, pump, stop sign, and light. You are so familiar with this rout; you could drive it with your eyes closed, because it's the same road you've traveled for the past 19 years. Then one day while you’re contently driving along, you encounter a dreaded roadblock.

Some people aren’t the least bit phased by taking an alternate rout; they are excited by the prospects of a new adventure. I'm not one of those people. "Off the beaten path", well, to be blunt - scares the living shit out of me!

What do you do when your journey though life takes an unexpected detour? Do you embrace change and look forward to the challenge of something new, or are you cautious but move forward tentatively, or are you the type that panics because you are unfamiliar with the alternate routs?

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