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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Change of Season

There was definite change in the air this morning, a sure sign of thing to come. A scattering of coloured leaves were blowing across the lawn and bench, I let out a giant sneeze and my eyes stated to water from all the Goldenrod in bloom. Yup! Summer is on her way out and Autumn is getting ready to make an appearance. So far, I think I am ok with it.
The only thing this song has in common with this post is the title. One of my all time favorite songs -- have a listen. Hope you all have an enjoyable Tuesday!

Change of Season - Matthew Good

From the Album: Underdogs
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LarryG said...

gorgeous collage!
those first leaves blowing are portentious aren't they... :)

Shadow said...

i love watching the changes in seasons. the colours, the air, the habits of people. all of it.