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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Looking For Ideas

We move into the new house in 5 weeks and I need some help with decorating.
Here are some photos I am drawing inspiration from...
This is what I have for the living room so far...
Living Room Idea

I need ideas for area rug, accents, and art for above the fireplace. I'm torn between an ottoman or coffee table? What would you suggest?

Send links, lots of links and ideas! Please Help!!!

(photo credits top to bottom: Sarah Richardson, Pottery Barn)


LarryG said...

for me, empty walls speak peace, and with that peace there is no rush to fill the space...
just a thought,
I do like your inspiration :)

Madeleine said...

Ok, I am being blunt :D

I do not like the top one

I love the two next ones, love white and like Larry I like the feeling of space which those two allow for.

What are your favorites of those 3 photos so far?

Jack said...

Larry, maybe I will place a pretty frame around some empty space and call it art... what do ya think?

Sylvie, I want people to be blunt. I really don't have an eye for decor at all. My decorating style is more transitional than anything.

I'm really not all the keen on the top photo either - it's just really close to the space I have in the new place so I thought I would just use it as a furniture placement idea.

Here in my new space.
Here are some other ideas I liked.
Let me know what you think?

Jack said...

ps. As you can see by the living room photo of the new place - space is an issue.

kaye said...

I'm not talented at decorating so I won't give you advice. But I did find a great book called 500 sensational ways to create your ideal home by House Beautiful. It can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. At the beginning of the book you take a quiz to see what your decorating style is. Then the book is broken down into style sections with gorgeous inspirational pictures. The book teaches you how to have timeless pieces in your home that don't require change with the fashion trends. It encourages the use of accessories to keep up with trends. Most of all the book encourages a person to find the style that they love, and make the place they live in the home they love. It is a wonderful book.

Hearst Books
A division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
New York/London

There are 2 ISBN numbers on the back of the book
ISBN-13; 978-1-58816-604-3
ISBN-10; 1-58816-604-X

good luck, and have fun

LarryG said...

just leave off the frame and call it "high art" :p

only a movie said...

Since my decorating style is mostly "somebody's grandmother's house", I don't think I can offer much. I do like the leather ottoman/used-as-a-table look, although I think I read somewhere that this is not in style.

I don't care much for what's in. I just like to be comfortable!

Also, as a rule I don't put anything on a wall or "on display" unless it has some personal meaning to me.

Yikes, I'm blogging in your comments, and I'm the last person to talk about decorating. You should see my house!

Excited for you and your new home, Jack.

Jack said...

Movie - See, I didn't even know the ottoman was out... gah!

I'm the same, no decorating style. I have a miss matched assortment of furniture and that is ok for where I live now but when I move I want just the one room (living) to look nice and put together.

Kaye, thanks for the book idea, I will check that out tonight :)

Larry - ok no frame either, but I will blame you when people come to visit and ask me why I have blank walls ;)

Jack said...

To Larry - My goodness you are looking nice and tanned!

LarryG said...

thanks u2 ;)

Billy Rhythm said...

It's funny that you don't like the top one, Jack. I was about to post: "I don't really care for the bottom two!" The middle one I especially feel cold and uninviting. The green in the bottom one only helps that feeling somewhat, but it still doesn't say "I'm a room inviting you to come hang out." Since I only know you by who you are online, you may be after that vibe. For me, though, the warmer browns/golds/oranges in the top photo say "Come, sit down, and let's talk." The bottom two say "I'm a fancy house and I take photos beautifully that can be used in magazines. Don't sit here, though; I'm not designed for that."

Madeleine said...

I like the furniture not to touch the walls or window space, like in photo 1.

In photo 2+3 the furniture is like in a free space. Some furniture of course goes against the wall or like I do pushed against a corner to make a triangle.

I wish I was closer to your place I'd have a ball helping you :D

Jack said...

I like the placement of the furniture in the second photo too... wall colours - not so much. That is why I picked that photo.

Furniture placement is an issue for me because the room really isn't huge and I have a problem visualizing how it will look. Maybe I should stop buying things and wait 'till I get into the house before deciding on a decor style.

Thanks for your help guys :)
Any other suggestions, just pass them along.

LarryG said...

use a sunblock rate 50 or better ...

Jack said...

I always use a sunscreen with a high spf + daily moisturizer with spf 15 - great tip Larry!