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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Once In A Blue Moon

Tonight is the 13th full moon this year - blue moon, and New Years Eve, it's also the end of a decade.  It is so cold here tonight and there are no stars in the sky, but the blue moon is glowing through a thin overcast of low laying cloud, just enough cover to give it an ominous glow. I was just out on my deck to take a few photographs of the moon. The cold was so biting, I had hurry back inside, closing the door quickly behind me. There was a "whoooosh" of cold air that followed behind me and blew out my candles that were lit on the table. The weatherman is telling us there is another nor'easter headed our way tomorrow evening - a messy start to the new year.

This past week flew by so quickly, as we gathered with family and friends to celebrate the holiday season. We ate (way too much), sang, and shared laughter and some tears over stories of holidays past. I feel so blessed to have this time, this family, these friends, this life.

This New Years Eve we have decided to stay at home, order in Chinese, curl up by the fire relaxing and watching a movie or maybe turn on the tv and watch other celebrations around the world.  Looking foward to the a fresh start in 2010.

From our house to yours; wishing you all a Happy New Year!!
Cherish the past. Enjoy the present. Welcome the future.

Wish all of you a splendid 2010!


only a movie said...

Happy New Year (again), Jack. My sister gave me that same owl ornament as a gift this year. :-)

I think the storm this weekend will be a doozy... yikes

Shadow said...

happy new year sweet one! we too have been having the most magical of moons the last few nights...

WackyMummy said...

I missed the blue moon last night. :( But the snow falling today is very pretty. I have to say, I like your new years eve celebration. Surrounded by loved ones, and not overdoing it, is the best way to begin a new year of goodness. I'm glad to have gotten to know you better in '09... may the next year bring more goodness and connections to both of us.
Happy new year!

Gal Friday said...

The owl ornament caught my eye!! Love that!
I saw pretty much the same image in the sky last night-the full moon behind a cloudy haze(but it wasn't as cold out as it was up your way), and it gave me a good feeling aboutthe old year ending and the fresh new one about to begin.

jouettelove said...

love your blue moon photo, it looks so much like mine ~ what a beautiful magical full moon it was!

Madeleine said...

A very Happy New-year Jack, may it bring health and happiness to you and your family.

I have been a bad blogger in 2009, things I need to address and last week my brother passed away unexpectedly, very sad.

I'll try to participate more often this new year