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Monday, 21 March 2011

Happy Vernal Eqinox

 Celebrating the colours of Spring

Happy first day of Spring! - Autumn for those of you in the southern hemisphere. Yay!
I'm balancing eggs and digging out my Spring clothing today.  How are you celebrating your fist day of Spring/Autumn?
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kaye said...

how delightful, just thinking of the colors of spring dripping, running and blending together makes me happy. Happy Spring! It's cold and windy here so we are staying inside.

only a movie said...

We have a mini snow storm here on the first day of spring. Go figure.

My house is too wonky to balance an egg... but I love the symbol of being in balance on the equinoxes. If it weren't such a difficult time for my kid - he always is freaking out at the change of seasons.


Amy said...

I adore that you created an image that bleeds into your blog, puts me in mind of Fantasia for some reason!