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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

9 + 1 = tuesday ten:
Cameras In My Collection

  1. Fuji fine pix
  2. Holga
  3. Kodak Brownie
  4. Kodak Starmite
  5. Polaroid 215 Land Camera
  6. Polaroid SX70
  7. Ricohflex VI
  8. Voigtlander Brilliant
  10. (+1 I don't have yet...)The Polaroid Macro Camera

Do you have some favourite cameras you like to use? Maybe something vintage you take off the shelf, dust off and fall in love with it all over again?

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kaye said...

the most important thing is you know how to make beautiful pictures with those cameras.

Anonymous said...

Cool collection! xo

Gal Friday said...

Embarrassingly, no--I only use(and badly, at that) a point-and-shoot Canon digital(but I love it!).

Some people collect shoes, some perfume(me), and some have a VERY cool collection.
Until recently I had my father's 1969 Polaroid camera and gave it away--wush I hadn't now.