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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tuesday ten:
Photographic Inspiration (Choose a Theme)

A photo can speak a thousand words and can even tell a really great story.  Don't you think?
Yesterday while looking through the photos submitted for the {easy like a}Sunday Morning photography project, I noticed Lee from The Linar Studio made a list of shots she is looking forward to taking this Spring/Summer - I love how she gets into a project!  Her list has inspired me into making my own list...

Themes I would like to shoot this Spring / Summer:
  • Alter Ego
  • Hello Neighbor
  • Spontaneous portraits
  • Catch it before it's gone
  • What image represents your faith?
  • Zen (Simple, elegant, sparse)
  • Photos of people taking photos
  • Begins with the letter...
  • Silhouettes
  • Rusty/Crusty 
Got a list for Tuesday Ten?  Let's hear it!
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    kaye said...

    nice goals :) I'll look forward to seeing the product. I participate in a top ten (bookish) meme on Tuesday's so I do have a top ten list posted.

    Jack said...

    I'll be over to check out your list Kaye. Thanks for stopping by :)