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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A garden - not a litter box

I don't have any cats but I constantly have to clean up after my neighbors’ cats that freely roam the neighborhood. I have seen at least 5 cats occasionally in my yard and have no idea whose cats they are, but they all look pretty well taken care of so I don't believe they are strays. The little buggers are using my flowerbeds as a giant litter box, and the smell is really bad in the area around my front step and it is becoming very annoying. I'm so disgusted!

I do believe that my city has a "Cat by-law" in place that states, all cat owners must register their beloved felines and place a tag around a collar. I don't see any of the cats in my neighborhood wearing tags, so there is no way for me to know exactly whose cat is using my yard as a loo.

I don't blame the cats; they are only doing what comes naturally to them. I blame their owners, who obviously have little respect for their fellow neighbors.
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YellowRose said...

It's aggravating, we live just on the line of the city, and have had some cats visit us, or rather visit our spoiled indoor feline. LOL We've seen a big ol'Tom cat at night prowling around our yard, and smelled him too. I bought Feliway® Cat Pheromone Spray from the pet store and sprayed it in areas the cat would lay around or might rub against and it worked. My vet says it keeps the cats mellow and helps prevent them from spraying. You might want to try that. Also get some toy rubber snakes and lay them in the flower beds, cats hate snakes, almost as much as I do! :)

Jack said...

Thanks for the great advice! I will look for the product this weekend.