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Monday, 2 June 2008

Don't like Monday?

The Boomtown Rats hated Mondays, the Bangles think Mondays are Manic and Rainy days and Mondays always got the Carpenters down. I know many people who hate Mondays because it means "work" or "school", but I always look on Mondays as a fresh start and I look forward to what the week will bring.

Tell me what do you think about Mondays?

Traditional Beliefs about Monday
  1. Monday is under the Moon Sign and is generally not the luckiest of days.
  2. Turning a bed or mattress on a Monday is considered bad luck in some areas.
  3. Being born on a Monday is a sign of either being ‘fair of face’ or ‘full of grace’ (good looks, or healthily plump)
  4. On the start of a journey it is unlucky to meet a flat-footed person. This of course can be countered by returning home and eating a full meal (including plenty to drink).
  5. Mending things on Monday will result in the thing breaking again.
  6. You should only clip your nails on a Monday (or Tuesday) for the best of luck
  7. Hair should only be cut on Monday (Tuesday or Wednesday) for the sake of the wealth of the barber/beautician.
  8. A pig must be killed on the waxing moon or a Monday, else its meat will shrink in the pot and will not take the salt.
  9. Sneezing on a Monday can often be a sign of Danger.
  10. Getting wed on a Monday is a sign of prosperity for the couple. Unless you are French, then it can mean you’ll go insane.
  11. An unexpected guest on Monday often results in additional interruptions throughout the week.
  12. The second Monday in August (Cain’s Birth), and the last Monday in December (Destruction of Sodom) are bad days
  13. Signing contracts on a Monday can result in the contract being broken. This includes not getting paid back for loans given out on a Monday.
  14. Starting a new project on a Monday may or may not result in the projects completion (or ease of completion) depending on where you live.
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