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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

20 years ago today

Hubby and I are very proud to be celebrating our 20th year anniversary today. We both have worked very hard at building a solid relationship as well as a secure and loving home for our three kids. Not every day was (is) perfect, but with love, respect and dedication, we were (are) able to work through any problems and build a strong, lasting relationship. I love my husband more now than ever, he is not only my partner but my best friend.

Happy Anniversary Babe!


Billy Rhythm said...

Again, congrats!

Shadow said...

what a gorgeous couple you two make. once again my congratulations!!!

Janet said...

you're both lucky :-) Congrats!

Jack said...

Thank you Billy, Shadow and Janet for your "congrats". Very much appreciated!

Madeleine said...

I am a year late but hey :D what a lovely couple you two make and oh I wish...but it did not workout this way for me, still I love it when I see a marriage work and a couple work at it.

Late congratulations