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Friday, 1 August 2008

Things that go "BUMP" in the night

There are many things that can keep me awake at night. Worry, snoring, dripping tap, and the annoying droan of the neighbors’ air conditioner... the list is endless for me. A loud "BUMP" startled me awake from a rather gruesome nightmare last night.

In my dream I was waiting for hubby who went into a store to buy us an ice-cream, when a group of men pulled up beside me in a jeep. I watched them get out, go into the store and butcher the clerk with machetes. Horrified, I ducked down in my seat when they came out of the store; they all were carrying a body part of the clerk. I was crouched down waiting for them to drive away when I was startled by a huge "Bang!” I woke up sweaty and shaking, wishing my eyes would adjust faster, then again "Bang!” which I'm positive came from outside my bedroom window. I got up and looked out the window but found nothing, just stillness and the droaning sound of the air conditioner. Still shaken by my dream, I lay back down trying to wipe the images from my brain, but ultimately failing. My mind kept shifting into overdrive as I try to imagine a nicer, alternate ending to my nightmare so I could fall back to sleep. I tossed and turned and knew I wasn’t getting back to sleep. I ended up having to go downstairs and taking one of my blood pressure meds to settle the furious thumping of my poor ticker.

This morning I realized the possible trigger to such an awful dream – “Passenger beheaded on Canada bus”. Here is the link so you can read all the horrifying details for yourself.

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Shadow said...

hiya! i'm back. catching up with my favourite people a bit here.

what a dream. i would surely feel as unsettled as you after one of those. life is terrible out there sometimes and we don't realise how it can affect us, 'til a dream like this come along to say so.

hope your weekend turns out a whole bunch nicer!